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General Information:
System(s): Phillips Cd-i
Copies Sold: Unknown
ESRB Rating: None
GameRankings Rating: None
Release Dates:
Game Content:
Mulitple Release Dates
We Have None
Mulitple Release Dates
Never Released
Image Preview:

Game Overview:

Most Zelda fans have actually never heard of these...very unique...Zelda games. Nintendo, in a bogus law suit ended up actually releasing the rights to make Legend of Zelda games to Phillips. Phillips, released not only their own game system, the Phillips CD-i system, but three Zelda games: Link: The Faces of Evil, Wind of Gamelon, and Zelda's Adventure.

The first, Link: The Faces of Evil, was not only an embarassing game for the Legend of Zelda series, but it was a major flop for Phillips too. In this game, where Link appeared to be wearing lipstick, Link seeks out Ganon on the island of Koridai, where he has kidnapped Princess Zelda. With the power of the Book of Koridai, Link defeats Ganon, but is refused a reward kiss for Zelda. He then leaves her on Koridai and flies to an island with stone statues called "The Faces of Evil." Overall, one of three strange games.

The second game, released simultaneously with Link: The Faces of Evil, starts with both the King of Hyrule and Link disappearing to the power of Ganon on Duke Onkled's island, Gamelon. You, Zelda, set off to save them. The game is set up like one giant map, where you click on the place you would like to visit and you end up there. This game features a very weird ending: all you must do is just throw Zelda's Wand of Gamelon at Ganon, then talk to the king and you win the game. And if you think that's sad then it's even worse that this game won the number one spot on G4TV's Filter 10 Worst Games of All Time.

And the final of the three games, Zelda's Adventure, took a completely different approach to the games. The game is played with a top-down view similar to that of The Legend of Zelda. The land of Tolemac is covered in darkness when the minions of Ganon capture Link, and you once again take the role of the Princess Zelda to save Link. You must travel through seven underworld dungeons and collect seven celestial signs that will lead to the defeat of Ganon and the beginning of Tolemac's "Age of Lightness."


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