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Looking to connect your website to Zelda Capital? Just follow these simple instructions to submit your website for affiliation with Zelda Capital.

Affiliation is a special link between two websites that tells the website's viewers that the website they are on is recommending another website, above all others. Keep this in mind when submitting your site. There are a few rules that you must follow though:

1. You website must have content. I don't want a site that is all coming soon signs. Also, all of your content must be original. No stolen content at all.

2. Your website must be online, do not email me with a website that is not online yet.

3. I take great pride in knowing that my website can be viewed by all ages, so you site too must not have any type of inappropriate content: this means no pornography, cursing, racism, etc.

4. Generally, we do not affiliate will freewebs or tripod-type sites, but exceptions can be made. Also, we do not like affiliating with forums, unless the forum is able to give us good reason why we should accept them. Another thing; I don't like sites with a ton of ads. Now I know that not everyone can afford a site without them, but if your site has a ton of pop-ups and pop-unders, don't bother applying.

5. Your site must be pleasing to the eye. The layout does not have to be perfect, but it should look good. Your site must also be easily navigable. It should be easy to get around your site.

6. I don't care about hits; affiliation is not about hits after all.

7. Your site does not have to be Zelda related, however, it is recommended. It does have to be gaming related though.

If you think your site meets these guidelines, you can use the form below to contact The King of Hyrule. However, even if your site does meet all of the guidelines, I reserve the right to make the final judgment on whether or not the site makes it. Please do not ask to become a Top Affiliate, I alone will make that decision.

Once your site is accepted as a Zelda Capital affiliate, your site should link to Zelda Capital using either a text or a button link. The link should also be on every page, as we will be doing the same.

What to include in your email:

Your Name
Your Email
Website Name
Website URL
Website Type
Website Description
Anything else you think is needed

You may also send in your site using this form:

Email Address:
Website Name:
Website URL:
Website Type:
Website Description:


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