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This page contains the history of Zelda Capital. On the left, you will find images of our previous layouts, and on the right, you will see the descriptions of that layout, what important events happened during its time, and anything else that I felt was necessary to mention.

Version 1

Zelda Capital held its grand opening on Monday May 22nd, 2006. It was opened by myself, The King of Hyrule. This was the layout featured on opening day. I created this layout with no web, HTML, or PHP knowledge at all. I had used an outdated version of Microsoft FrontPage, and only featured the site menu on the main page. This layout, much to my dismay, stayed online for the site's whole first year. During this time, Zelda Capital got very few visitors, and we had no forums, but I did try to update daily, but everytime I did, I had to update a page on my computer and upload it everytime.

Version 2

The second layout made its debut on May 22nd, 2007, the day of the sites one year anniversary. This layout was created in Macromedia Dreamweaver, and I had a bit more experience with web design this time. It was the first layout to use templates, which allowed me to update just one page, and the whole site changed. This layout was a large step up for the site, and was a great improvement from the previous layout. It was around this time that the site started to get some hits and affiliates. We also opened our first forum, which got some activity going. However, the forums had to be closed due to some code editing that I decided to do that... didn't turn out so well. The whole forum was screwed up, and I ended up replacing them with the forums you see currently.


For Version 3, see the unfinished layouts section.


Version 4

The third layout was probably the biggest turn-around for the site. The layout was released on October 1st, 2007, and a Phantom Hourglass theme in honor of the new game. The hit count began to jump drastically and our affiliates list soon filled up. A new forum was opened, and some activity was gained there, but the main site was what attracted many. As former Farore's Wind (now closed) webmaster .LoffleMonster put it: "The most inviting thing about Zelda Capital is the amount of news/site updates. The King does a great job of keeping it updated daily." This was the first site layout created with Photoshop, but I was still learning, and some poor planning on my part led to (yet again) another error that caused the pages to warp in the web browser Mozilla Firefox. All in all though, this layout was revolutionary for Zelda Capital and really got the ball rolling.

Version 5

This layout, released on February 2, 2008 was easily the most graphically intense layout Zelda Capital has ever had. Accompanying the new layout was a brand new forum layout as well, that resembled the site layout, with a few minor image changes. This layout was by far the hardest to complete so far, and was the first layout to feature forum integration, which was a first for me as well. It was also the first to use transparent images and just gave the whole site a new feel overall. The layout was the one in which Zelda Capital won the Golden Ocarina award for The Most Aspiring Website. The layout was replaced with version 6, which was much more impressive.

Version 6

Released on the 26th of May, this layout took on a more traditional Zelda green color, and was looked on pretty favorably. The layout featured some cool drop-shadow effects, as well as some rollover effects for the menus. This layout also removed some of the features leftover from the last layout, including forum integration, but added things like RSS and faster loading times. It was a good layout, and was up for almost a year, being replaced by version 7.


Version 7

Version 7 was uploaded on June 8th, just after Zelda Capital's 3rd birthday. This layout was much darker, with some custom artwork from Twilight Princess and stone-tiling. The layout brought back forum integration and a search feature, as well as, at its release, a Spirit Tracks contest to bring in more forum members. This is the current layout on Zelda Capital.

Unfinished Layouts - The following are layouts that were started, but never finished or never released to the public.


Version 3

This layout was originally created to be our third layout. I really liked where it was going, but LoffleMonster, former webmaster, convinced me to take a different direction. I actually got this layout totally completed before I began messing around in Photoshop and came up with our Phantom Hourglass-themed layout. This layout was never released, but it was the first Zelda Capital layout to offer a skin change. One skin was a Kokiri green and the other was a Zora blue. It still remains to this day one of my favorite layouts. And who knows? Maybe one day I'll bring it back...


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