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-- Main Series -----
The Legend of Zelda
The Adventure of Link
A Link to the Past
Link's Awakening
Ocarina of Time
Majora's Mask
Oracle of Seasons
Oracle of Ages
The Wind Waker
Four Swords Adventures
The Minish Cap
Twilight Princess
Phantom Hourglass
Spirit Tracks
-- Spin-offs -----
The Cd-i Series
The BS-Zelda Series
Four Swords
The Master Quest
Tingle Rosy Rupeeland
Link's Crossbow Training
-- Unfinished Legends -----
Mystical Seed of Courage
Tetra's Trackers

This section is dedicated to showing all of you Zelda fans special items that have been created beased on The Legend of Zelda series. Those items range from comics to statues, some of which are free and some of which are worth hundreds of dollars. The best place to find any of the following items - if available - is most likely eBay.

A Zelda Towel

A Zelda Cup

Ocarina of Time

Zelda Shirt

Majora's Mask Wristwatch

Zelda Board Game

Zelda Maze Game

Zelda Pillowcase

Zelda and Mario Bed Sheets

Zelda Plates

Zelda Puzzle

Zelda Jacket

Zelda Action Figure - Impa and Zelda

Zelda Action Figure - Ganondorf and Horse

Zelda Action Figure - Link and Epona

Zelda Action Figure - Link and Epona 2

Zelda Action Figure - Link and Epona 2 - Grey

Link Wind-Up Toy

Zelda Trashcan

Zelda and Mario Lunchbox + Zelda and Mario Thermos

Zelda Cereal

Zelda Candy Dispenser

Four Swords Adventures Clips

Zelda Keychain Zipper Pulls

Zelda Shield, Sword, and Arrows Pin

Hylian Shield and Sword Replicas + Twilight Princess Official Soundtrack

Zelda Action Figure - Adult Link (Not Final Version)

Zelda Action Figure - Skull Kid (Not Final Version)

Zelda Action Figure - Fierce Deity Link (Not Final Version)


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