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The Legend of Zelda contains many colorful, original races. The majority of them are described here. Note: this page is not completely done yet. If you know something we don't, please let us know.

Description: The Ruto are a bird-like race which lives on the volcanic island of Dragon Roost, and were entrusted with the care of Din’s Pearl. They have a strange obsession with the mailman that is mentioned every once and a while in the ancient legends, so they have a universal mail delivery service that spans the entire Great Sea. According to legend, the Ruto children are born without wings, and if they good enough, the gods will grant the child wings.
History: No one is quite sure where the Ruto came from. Some think that they are the evolved form of the Zoras, for the Zora’s did not make an appearance in The Wind Waker. But some others believe that they were a mountain-native race that were always there, even before The Great Flood, but were just never seen or needed before.

Description: The Twili is a magical race of enchanted interlopers. They were one of the two races created by the gods, and they were given extreme knowledge and power. One day, the Twili found the Fused Shadows, created by the Oocca, and stole it. The Twili learned to harness the power of the Fused Shadows, and used it to try and find the golden power that the gods had left behind. When they were unable to find it, they approached the gods and threatened to destroy the world if they did not get it. The Oocca fought the Twili on this, and just as it seemed the Oocca were about to be defeated, the gods intervened and shut the Twili away in a parallel world they had created. The Twili have been forced to live there, in the darkness, ever since.
History: The Twili was the first race created by the gods, but in just a short time, they were banished to the Twilight Realm, because of the great amount of power they possessed. They posed too great of a threat to the gods, so the light and the shadow worlds were never allowed to mix. This is why the Twili are not seen or talked about until Twilight Princess, for the seal between the worlds remained strong.

Description: The Gorons are a mountain-dwelling race of large animals that love to eat the precious rocks grown in Death Mountain. In general, they are a peaceful race, not too much concerned about the affairs of the rest of Hyrule. They are known to like warmer climates and hot springs, and they are famous for their bombs. They are very tough, and have skins like rocks, which allow them to stand up to many things. The Gorons are very good with their hands and love to make objects out of rocks, and are also very helpful when you need a boulder cleared from a road.
History: The Goron race could possible have been created by the Oocca, but it is pure speculation. It is known for a fact, though, that the gods did not create them. They pretty much keep to themselves, and trust only the Hylian Royal Family, so it is hard to find evidence of their beginning. There is an old Goron legend though, that talks about a Hylian guard, who one day spilled a special life-giving potion onto a rock. According to legend, the rock then began to move and then got up and became the first Goron.

Description: The Sages are a mysterious race, supposedly chosen by the gods to be the connection between the races of Hyrule and the gods. The Sages were given special powers that allowed them to protect the ancient relic, the Triforce. They forged the Blade of Evil’s Bane, built the Temple of Time and the Temple of Light, and guided the races of Hyrule, mainly the Hylians, in the ways of the gods.
History: The Sages were created and given their powers by the Oocca. The Sages originally appeared as regular Hylians who just possessed excessive magical powers, but they soon formed a band and dedicated their lives to protecting the Sacred Realm from evil. They then made contact with both the Oocca and the gods, who gave them specific instructions as to what to do to help Hyrule. The Sages could live for thousands of years, and their powers always passed through the family lineage. The Sages are also responsible for both the writing of the Book of Mudora and the Great War, because they allowed the Book of Mudora’s content to be read by a mere human.

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Description: The Kokiri are a very peaceful race of children. Residing in the Kokiri Forest, and watched over by the Great Deku Tree, the Kokiri children are a special race, not related to the Hylians or any other race in Hyrule. They are physically unable to grow up, and are unable to leave their safe-haven of the forest, for they will die if they do. They also make it very clear that they never take sides, and always remain neutral, for fear of being annihilated due to lack of protection.
History: The Kokiri were another one of the races created by the Oocca when they left Hyrule. All of the Kokiri had to have been created at once, because they never grew up, and therefore could not have children. It is known that they took up residence in the Kokiri Forest first, and then planted a magical seed that sprouted into the Great Deku Tree, who they elected to be their leader. It is unclear what happens to them after the Great Flood. Some speculate that they evolved into the Koroks (from The Wind Waker) to adapt to their new surroundings on the water, but there is concrete evidence to support this theory.

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Description: The Fairy race is a race of helpers. Each fairy is born with their wings and a limited amount of magic, but certain fairies are special and possess more extraordinary magical powers, and those fairies grow up to be Great Fairies, who rule over the other fairies peacefully. Normal fairies are small in size, about the size of your hand, and have long been known to help guide travelers.
History: Fairies were among the first races created by the Oocca. They were created for the purpose of guidance, and given magical powers to perform that task. The fairies have remained intact as a race, and, because they are able to live in multiple climates and conditions, they have never been forced to adapt or evolve to survive.

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Description: The Koroks are another peaceful race. Residing in the Forest Haven under the guidance of the Deku Tree, they pretty much keep to themselves and avoid problems not relating to them. They have wood/tree-like bodies and therefore live happily in the think, safe, woods of the Forest Haven.
History: The only other race in Hyrule’s history remotely related to the Koroks is the Kokiri. The Kokiri also lived in a forest and were watched over by a Deku Tree. It is believed by many that a few races were forced to evolve when the Great Flood occurred, and that the Kokiri was one of those races. The Kokiri were magically tied to their forest and could not leave. It is the same with the Koroks. So it is possible that the Kokiri evolved into the Koroks in the event of the flood in order to survive.


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