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In the beginning, the earth was a black void, holding nothing in it and supporting nothing. The gods took notice of this void and entrusted three goddesses with the task of creating a land in the void, and life on that created land. Din, the goddesses of power, Nayru, the goddesses of wisdom, and Farore, the goddesses of courage.

The three goddesses descended upon the earth. Din, with her strong flaming arms, cultivated the land and created the red earth. Nayru poured her wisdom into the land and gave the spirit of law to the world. And Farore created life in the world that would live on the land and uphold the law.

When the three goddesses left the world, they left a special relic to represent their power and uphold the law. The relic came to be known as the Triforce. It was made up of three golden triangles, each representing one of the goddesses, Power, Wisdom, and Courage. Though it was an inanimate object, the Triforce had the power to bestow upon it bearer these titles: “The Forger of Strength”, “The Keeper of Knowledge”, and “The Juror of The TriforceCourage”. This object contained a small, but powerful part of the goddesses’ power in it. The place where the goddesses left the world flourished, and became known as the Golden Land, or the Sacred Realm.

The goddesses created two races to inhabit the land, the Oocca and the Twili. Both races resembled the goddesses in their power, but each race used it differently. Each race separated itself from the other, and moved to opposite ends of the land. As their civilizations grew, so did their powers.


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