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The Legend of Zelda
The Adventure of Link
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If you would seek the sacred triangle, listen well. The resting place of the sacred triangle, the Sacred Realm, is a mirror that reflects what is in the heart, the heart of one who enters it. If an evil heart, the Realm will become full of evil; if pure, the Realm will become a paradise.
The Triforce...the sacred triangle... it is a balance that weighs the three forces:
Power, Wisdom, and Courage.
If the heart of the one who holds the sacred triangle has all three forces in balance, that one will gain the True Force to govern all. But if that one's heart is not in balance, the Triforce will separate into three parts:
Power, Wisdom, and Courage.
Only one part will remain for the one who touched the Triforce...the part representing the force that one most believes in. If that one seeks the True Force, that one must acquire the two lost parts. Those two parts with be held within the ones chosen by destiny, who will bear the Triforce mark on the back of their hands.

-The Book of Mudora

The Triforce is a sacred relic created by the goddesses when they left the earth. The Triforce contains a small but powerful part of the goddesses power. It had the power to bestow upon its owner three titles that gave the owner great powers. They were: "The Forger of Strength", "The Keeper of Knowledge", and "The Juror of Courage". It also had the power to grant the wishes of any person who touches it, whether they are good or bad. If a person was to touch the Triforce, three forces must be in balance: Power, Wisdom, and Courage. If one was to touch the Triforce and the forces are not balanced, the Triforce would split into three parts. The person that touched the Triforce would be left with one part of the Triforce that most represented the force that was strongest in the person. The other two parts would travel to the ones chosen by destiny. If that person that touched the Triforce really wanted the rest of the Triforce, that one must seek out the persons that that have the symbol of the gods, the Triforce, on the back their hands. For they are the keepers of the other two pieces of the Triforce.

After years, the races in Hyrule spread out and started to build temples for the gods. Rumors started up about some of the temples containing entrances to the Sacred Realm, or the Golden Land. The people began searching for the Triforce vigorously. Verses like this made people look even harder:

In a realm beyond sight,
The sky shines gold not blue,
There, the Triforce's might
Makes mortal dreams come true.

The races then accused each
other of hiding the Triforce and they began fighting. And thus, the Great War began. And all of this was being recorded in the Book of Mudora. The verse above came from the Book of Mudora. The Book of Mudora was a collection of Hyrulian legend, lore, and myths all recorded before Ganondorf touched the Triforce. Only few can read the ancient Hyrulian text that is featured in the Book of Mudora, and some scholars still disagree on some of the writing. And so, little is known about the ancient times before the Great War.

Though many people searched for the Triforce and the entrance to the Sacred Realm, none found it. Except one person from the desert, with one thing on his mind: ruling Hyrule. That man's name was Ganondorf Dragmire, the king of the Gerudo. Ganondorf found the entrance to the Sacred Realm hidden behind an impenetrable door called the Door of Time. In front of the Door of Time, there was an alter; and on the alter there was an inscription. It said:

Ye who owns three Spiritual Stones
Stand with the Ocarina of Time
And play the Song of Time

The Zoras, Gorons, and the Koriki each were given a Spiritual Stone, keys to the Sacred Realm. And the other key, the Ocarina of Time, was protected by the Royal Family. One who wanted to enter the Sacred Realm would need all four keys. Ganondorf tried to get them from the races, but they wouldn't give it to him. But when Link collected them and the Ocarina of Time and opened the Door of Time, there was another key. The Master Sword, the Blade of Evil's Bane, forged by the sages to protect Hyrule. When it was forged, the sages infused the Master Sword with a power so great, on few could wield it, and the new power made the Master Sword glow. Because it could only be wielded by few people, the sages built a shrine to protect it. They called the shrine the Temple of Time, and placed the Door of Time in front of the Master Sword, which resided in the Pedestal of Time. The Master Sword could only be pulled from the Pedestal of Time by the Hero of Time. The Master Sword was the final door between the real world and the Golden Realm.


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